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-the most personal Hearing Protection Device available

- CE certifieddirect molded’ custom ear protection product

-made from floating medical grade INSTA-MOLD silicone


available in multiple colour combinations

-provided with a hygienic gloss coat finish

- supplied with a storage pouch, cleaning brush and client care instructions

- made on-site in 2 hours

- average lifetime: 4 years

- AIRPLUGS can be varied depending on the individual requirement: 

- 2 size options: full shell & CIC:

both FULL SHELL & CIC can be supplied filtered or solid

CIC (Complete-In-Canal)  more discrete protection, and is especially useful for sleeping.

Filtered for industrial situations or leisure to maintain communication or

Solid - Un-filtered which may be more suitable for swimming and some sport.


AIRPLUGS 2pluxx 

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