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-the most personal Hearing Protection Device available

- CE certifieddirect molded’ custom ear protection product

-made from floating medical grade INSTA-MOLD silicone


available in multiple colour combinations

-provided with a hygienic gloss coat finish

- supplied with a storage pouch, cleaning brush and client care instructions

- made on-site in 1 day

- average lifetime: 4 years

(Did you know that your ears are still growing? - that is why you need to change your earplugs every 3-4. years)

- AIRPLUGS can be varied depending on the individual requirement: 

- 2 size options: full shell & CIC:

both FULL SHELL & CIC can be supplied filtered or solid

CIC (Complete-In-Canal)  more discrete protection, and is especially useful for sleeping and for sports where you use tight helmet.

Filtered for skydiving, aviation, motorsports, concerts, industry, loud environments where you need to maintain communication or

Solid - Un-filtered  for indoor skydiving, swimming and water sports, shooting, sleeping....


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